In Two Wet Bears, a tree makes an appearance and is intereracted with. The tree resides on Beachcomber Bill's island.


Despite the fact that the tree is located near the coastline of the island, the tree is more a forest tree in appearance. The tree is of a thin, yet tall appearance. It has also been shown to be highly resilient, being able to take multiple chops from Beachcomber Bill's axe without any sign of visible damage.

The tree also has vines growing out of it for some reason, as Paddy was able to procure a vine to help put a makeshift raft together.


The tree served as refuge for Amos and Buster Bear when they were being pursued by Beachcomber Bill, with intentions of eating the bears. The tree proved to be effective in both providing an escape from Bill and also giving the Bears and Paddy a means to escape to safety.

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