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Amos Bear

Anus Bear is a character from The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican. He appears in Two Wet Bears, along with his companion, Buster.

He is voiced by Daws Butler.


Amos is a large bear that wears pants. His face is also a tad different from Buster's, in that he does not have a defined muzzle and is overall younger looking. Amos also appears to have a slimmer frame than Buster.

Amos's personality comes off being the lesser of the two bears. Amos's main contributions have only been stating the bleeding obvious as well as unintentionally making the situation worse. He is hinted at being a massive screw up in the past with Buster's repeated line "doggone amos."

His voice can be described as a much more annoying Mickey Mouse.

Two Wet Bears

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Amos is part of the haplass duo of bears who find themselves stranded in the middle of the ocean. According to the opening of the short, Amos is still enjoying his swim and believing he and Buster are having a "wonderful time." Later, when the bears find the boat, Amos tries starting it by pulling on some sort of knob. When the bears crash onto the shore and are confronted by Beachcomber Bill, to which Amos starts the unsuccessful explanations. It is then that Amos points out that being put in a kettle and eaten is probably not a great idea to him. Finally, Amos seems to dissapear from the plot aside from being in one moment where he's handed a rope by Paddy and at the very end when both bears are safe.


Buster Bear

Amos and Buster seem to be best friends, or at least good acquaintances. They have been shown to enjoy swimming together (to an extent) as well as sticking by and up each other when things look bleak. Though they seem like great pals, they seem to have their moments of conflict, though this is merely explained through Buster's repeated expletive "Doggone Amos".

Beachcomber Bill

Given that Beachcomber Bill only sees the bears as a souce of mutton chops, the relationship between he and Amos would be strained, to say the least. Amos was the one who spoke to Bill first, trying to explain his and Buster's situation to Bill but to no avail.

Paddy the Pelican

It seems that Paddy and the bears are also good friends, going by the fact that Paddy recongnizes Buster and Amos when he arrives on the scene. The second half of Two Wet Bears involves Paddy's efforts in rescuing Amos and Buster from a voracious Beachcomber Bill, showing that he truly cares about the bears.