The axe.

The axe is an tool owned by Beachcomber Bill . It is used in the episode Two Wet Bears as a means to chop at a tree.


The axe is typlical in appearance, consisting of a handle and a large head. The toe of the axe is rather large, though this could merely be the cheek that has been lined and not actual toe. The axe seems to be not made of a very strong material as evidenced by Bill's constant chopping of a tree and yet no marks were ever made.


The axe was used by Beachcomber Bill as a means to try and get to Amos and Buster who were hiding in a tree. It is seen constantly chopping away at the tree to chop it down, or at the very least to shake the bears down from the tree.

However, despite the constant chopping done to the tree's trunk, the axe made no noticable marks or indentions to the tree, thus bringing into question the effectiveness of its material. Even after one of the bears had fallen out of the tree (through will and not nessecarily the impacts of the axe strikes), Bill persisted in chopping down the tree.

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