Beachcomber Bill's Island is a location that appears in Two Wet Bears. As the name may imply, it's sole resident is Beachcomber Bill.


The island appears to harbor a coastline of several jagged rocks, the prove hazardous to all incoming ships. The terrain of the island seems to be mainly flat, with no discernable foilage or vegetation, save for a single tree.

The island is also prone to looming clouds that seem to do absolutely nothing. It is unknown which body of the water the island resides in.


The majority of Two Wet Bears takes place on this island. The rocky coast is what causes Buster and Amos to crash the boat onto the island and become accused of wrecking Beachcomber Bill's vessel. Later, Buster and Amos try to escape from Bill by climbing up a single tree, to which Bill tries to chop down using his axe. Through a series of rather confusing events, Paddy helps the bears escape by building a makeshift raft to get off the island.

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