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Beachcomber bill is a character in The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican. He appears and is the main antagonist in the short Two Wet Bears. He is voiced by William Costello.

He is the only human character that appears in the entire show.


Beachcomber Bill is a large, well built man with a large chin, anchor tattoos on his forearms and dressed in a sailor's uniform, complete with a captain's cap.

His personality has been shown as an abrasive individual, that actually makes sound desicions based on logical information given. However, he seems prone to extreme means of solving problems, such as wanting to eat the bears claiming them as his only supply of food. He is also shown to be highly determined in his endeavors, having the bears cooked being his top priority to the point of chasing them up a tree, using both a harpoon and axe to get at them. Knowing how to cook with the few supplies he has on his island, this makes him very resourceful similar to the other major villian in the series.

Beachcomber Bill's voice is strikingly similar to Paddy's, including having the squawking quality in his voice as well.

Two Wet Bears[]

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Beachcomber Bill is located on a remote island in the short, Two Wet Bears. He finds the bears among the wreckage of his boat, which was his only way to get back to the mainland for food and supplies. Though the bears try to explain their innocence, Bill does not believe their story and intends to cook the bears to live off their meat until someone comes to rescue him. Paddy them comes to spoil the fun by being all sympathetic and tries to save the bears. Bill won't tolerate the interloping avian, and thus goes after the bears while Paddy continues to be a nuisance. In the end the bears escape, leaving Bill without his bear vittles. It is assumed that Bill is eventually rescued as Paddy does see a ship and wonders if he should let them know to rescue Bill.


Buster and Amos Bear[]

Beachcomber Bill's relationship with Buster and Amos can simply be decribed as a vengeful consumptionist. He simply wants to eat the bears as he has no food and assumes they wrecked his boat. Which technically is true, but is still a little iffy.

Paddy the Pelican[]

Look, Beachcomber Bill just hates everyone he comes across in this cartoon, Paddy obviously included. He pecks at his face and deprives him of his only source of food. I'd probably hate his interfering ass too. Maybe they can rekindle some sort of relationship given the fact that they sound exaclty the same.