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Buster Bear

Buster Bear is a character from The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican. He appears in the short, Two Wet Bears , along side his companion, Amos.

He is voiced by a dead horse.


Buster is a large, heavy set bear that wears both a shirt and a pair of pants. His face is also slightly different from Amos as he has a well defined muzzle.

Buster is clearly the greater of the two bears as shown in his personaliy. When things are looking their worst, Buster tends to take action within the situation instead of pointing out the stupidly obvious, as Amos tends to do. Despite his initiative, he does still seems to come off as a dimwit. Then again, that would be the case with all the characters featured on the show.

Buster's voice is can be described as having a low tone, though he is prone to stuttering and spouting "doggone amos", even when the expletive doesn't make sense in the current situation.

Two Wet Bears[]

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In Two Wet Bears, Buster somehow finds himself and Amos stranded in the ocean after going for a swim. It is then that a boat happens to float by. Buster then suggests that they climb aboard the boat to get to shore, though upon boarding the seacraft, he comes to find out the boat has no gas. After crashing the boat, Amos and Buster are confronted by Beachcomber Bill, being accused of wrecking his only boat to the mainland. Buster tried to evaluate the situation, but Bill ain't having none o' that so he plans to eat Amos and Buster. It is then that Paddy comes by and blah blah yaddah rescue tree bears SARS something about doggoning amos, we've all danced this dance before.


Amos Bear[]

Buster's relationship with Amos can be described as pals, though Buster is clearly the supeior of the two,being both smarter and less annoying than Amos. Even so, they share a strong comradery, staying together in troubled times as well as sticking up for each other. Buster Bear does tend take his minor annoyances out on Amos, though by constantly saying "Doggone Amos."

Beachcomber Bill[]

Given that Beachcomber Bill sees the bears as fine dining, Buster's relationship with Bill can be described as a bit rocky. He seems to see Buster as the greater threat and chases him initially up a tree, weilding both a harpoon and an axe. 

Paddy the Pelican[]

Paddy seems to recongnize both bears when he arrives to rescue them, so it's safe to assume that he knows Buster and Amos from past encounters. The three seem to be good friends, with Paddy instructing Buster and Amos in ways to help escape the jowls of Beachcomber Bill.