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The Fake Foot

The Fake Foot is an object that appears in Piggy Bank Robbery. It is used by Freddie Fox to frame Paddy the Pelican .


The fake foot's origins are vague at best, though it can be assumed that Freddie Fox was the one who created the object. The fake foot appears to be a bundle of bandages on the end of a stick. The way the fake foot seems to work is by using a person's foot prints (or any indention for that matter) to meld the bandages into the user's desired shape.


The fake foot was used as the primary object to help Freddie frame Paddy for the theft of Kenny Crow's piggy bank. To do this he melded the fake foot into the shape of Paddy's foot prints and then proceeded to dip the shaped foot into some mud. It was then used to plant muddy prints leading away from where the piggy bank was hidden. Unfortunately, his lack of foresight caused his plan to fall apart in the end, and the fake foot ending damning him even further for the crime.