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Kenny in front of Freddie's house

Freddie's House is a location that appears in The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican and is featured in Piggy Bank Robbery. As the name implies, the it is the home of that one guy.


Freddie's house is a two story, wooden home with a porch and about two windows. There also seems to be a chimney pipe on one side of the roof top.

Despite the entire reason for Freddie taking Kenny Crow's piggy bank was to be able to live in comfort, the fact that Freddie even owns a two story house (a house technically nicer than Kenny's) shows a disturbing trend of monetary irresponsibility from all parties involved. Paddy hasn't actually shown poor initiative when it comes to money. In fact, Paddy seemed to be the only one who was concerned with how Kenny kept his money. Even so, I'm still going to assume Paddy is horrible with his money. 

In all honesty, all these homes look like trash.


Freddie's home was featured at the end of the Piggy Bank Robbery, when Kenny and Paddy chased Freddie to his house. It was then Kenny threw his emptied piggy bank at Freddie, smashing him brutally on his head so as to cause lasting mental trauma. Or so it may be implied, based on Freddie's demeanor by the end.