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Freddie Fox

Freddie Fox is a character from The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican. He plays the main antagonist in the short Piggy Bank Robbery.

He's voiced by, you guessed it, Sam Singer .


Freddie Fox is a large bidpedal fox who wears a sweater and pants. He also has slightly messy hair and a long muzzle.

Freddie is a crafty, cunning and resourceful individual being able to come up with simple yet somehow convoluted plans. He is also able to craft tools and strong enough to bust open doors. Despite these traits, Freddie is unable to see faults in whatever plans he may come up with, making him also seem pretty stupid, especially given the fact that he was outwitted by Paddy. Freddie does care enough about his well being to return what he had stolen.

Freddie Fox apparently is a known troublemaker as evident by his comment about being in a hot spot in the past. Whatever he had done at that point was considered bad enough that he would have been locked up for good if he got into anymore trouble.

Freddie's voice can be described as a deep, sly tone most of the time though it inexplicably shifts to a very deep, almost mentally challenged sounding at one point.

Piggy Bank Robbery[]

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Freddie Fox acts as the main antagonist in Piggy Bank Robbery, being the one who steals Kenny Crow's piggy bank and frames Paddy for the crime. Later on, Freddie helps Kenny take Paddy to the scene of the crime to further investigate. However, Paddy starts pointing out the inconsistancy of the supposed evidence against him, and Freddie is ultimately found out. Freddie later flees back to his house where he ends up getting hit on the head with Kenny Crow's now empty piggy bank.


Paddy the Pelican[]

Freddie and Paddy are only seen at odds with eachother. Freddie's first interaction with Paddy involves framing Paddy for a crime he didn't commit. Later Freddie further lies by telling Kenny about Paddy, making Paddy very angry.

Kenny Crow[]

Though he seems to be more kind to Kenny, this is may only be a ruse to fool Kenny as well as clear his name so that Paddy takes all the blame. This can be shown in his calmer demeanor when telling Kenny about Paddy as well as his pleas to Kenny to believe what he says.