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The Harpoon

The Harpoon is a weapon owned by Beachcomber Bill. It is first seen and used in the episode Two Wet Bears against Paddy the Pelican.


The harpoon is a long spear-like tool that is used to catch marine animals, such as whales. The harpoons Beachcomber Bill uses have a large arrow head attached to a rod that resides in a handle for easy gripping. 


The harpoon is seen when Bill uses it to attack Paddy the Pelican, when Paddy decides to interfere with Bill's pusuit of Amos and Buster. Despite their large presence, Bill never actually uses them to any real effect against Paddy (a situation similar to the usage of his axe), and merely aims or runs towards Paddy with them. Even when Paddy is right next to Bill, attacking him, Bill does not attempt to use the damn thing.

When one thinks about it, none of the tools used by Beachcomber Bill are ever put to good use and/or highly ineffectual. This makes them all less deadly than even Kenny Crow's Piggy Bank, which is a bit sad, honestly.

Paddy-Tan says

"Harpoons are also used on the moon"