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Kenny's House

Kenny's House is a location that appears in the short, Piggy Bank Robbery. As the name implies, it is the home of Kenny Crow.


Kenny's house appears to be a single story home with wood paneling and a single door and window. The house is surprisingly barren inside, with no furniture or decor to be seen. The only thing worthy of note inside Kenny's house is the secret sliding panel in his wall that he uses to hide his piggy bank.


As mentioned before, Kenny's house is where his piggy bank is hidden. However, Freddie Fox manages to break in and steal the piggy bank after witnessing Kenny and Paddy talk about the safety of the piggy bank. Later on, Freddie, Paddy and Kenny return to Kenny's house to try and provide evidence of Paddy's wrongly accused conviction. However, Paddy points out enough information to clear his name and turn the tables on Freddie, giving chase.