Kenny Crow

Kenny Crow is a character from The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican. He appears in the short, Piggy Bank Robbery.

He too is voiced by Sam Singer .


Like other characters, Kenny wears an article of clothing that is typically reserved for humans, in this case being a dickie with a bow tie. The color of the tie is hard to distinguish, though one could assume it is red due to it's dark shade.

Kenny's personality can be described as a bit dim, though this can be said for nearly every character on the show. He possesses odd habits, including storing his money in a piggy bank rather than keeping somewhere more practical. He's also not afraid to divulge his intentions or secrets to others. Kenny is also able to become angry, as seen when he throws a brick at Paddy for supposedly stealing his piggy bank. Despite this, he is able to be observant enough to put obvious pieces of information together.

His voice can be described as being similar to a squawking Mickey Mouse.

Piggy Bank Robbery

Main article: Piggy Bank Robbery

Kenny Crow's involvement in Piggy Bank Robbery is the main plot point of the entire short. He shows Paddy where he keeps his money, which is a piggy bank. He says he plans to use it to buy a corn field and presumably eat the entire crop, as real crows tend to do. Later on, after his piggy bank is stolen, he attacks Paddy with a brick believing he is the thief. This can be assumed from the muddy foot prints that he found in his home leading from where he hid the piggy bank. When Freddie arrives and helps Paddy solve the case, Kenny becomes more suspicious of Freddie as Paddy points out a lot of bullcrap that should have been obvious in the first place. In the end, Kenny and Paddy chase down Freddie to where Kenny ends up throwing the now empty piggy bank at Freddie.


Paddy the Pelican

Kenny and Paddy seem to be good friends. Kenny trusts him enough to reveal where he keeps his piggy bank while Paddy is concerned enough to care where Kenny actually hides his money. Despite this, Kenny is not above outright attacking Paddy when he belives he has wronged him. Even so, Kenny can be surprisingly forgiving as shown when he gives his piggy bank to Freddie, though it is empty and smacks him in the head.

Freddie Fox

Kenny Crow's relationships with Freddie seems to be somewhat vague, though he does trust him initially when he claims to witness Paddy stealing his piggy bank. He even helps Freddie bring Paddy back to the scene of the crime for further investigating.

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