Paddy-Tan is the moe anthromorphsim of The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican Wiki. She is a small, constantly angry girl due to the fact that she represents a wiki that has information on something that never needed to be explained in the first place.

Her favorite food is granola.


She was created on June 4, 2014 when someone got the idea that all the "important" wikis should have some form of moe anthromorphism for their site. Like, she was literally drawn within the hour of this page's conception.

With that in mind, Paddy-Tan was created to represent the site. Also, the juxtaposition of an anime-ish character and a terrible, slightly obscure american cartoon is somehow amusing.

Fictional HistoryEdit

Paddy-Tan was born on some unknown harbor. Her dad was a pelican and her mom was a morbidly obese human. Her current job is running the wiki she represents as well as spouting out informtation on each page that ranges from useful, to common sense to absolute nonsense. Later on, her mother was killed by a harpoon.

Her appearance consists of a monochrome color scheme. She wears two badges in her hair which feature some Japanese text that read ノンセンス ("Nonsense"), or at least that's what Google Translate says. She also wears Paddy's trademark vest, white gloves and also has pelican feet.


  • Paddy-tan is based off Wikipe-tan, the mascot of the Japanese Wikipedia.
Paddy-Tan says

" I could use some help here!"

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