Paddy The Pelican

Paddy the Pelican is a pelican if it wasn't obvious and is also the protagonist of The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican show. He is an Antagonist of All Shows (17 and Friends, Happy Tree Friends Fanon, Watchout Radioactive-Man and Nations Tree Friends of the HTF World)

He is voiced by Sam Singer.


Paddy is a vest wearing pelican that seems to find trouble or find himself in trouble.Though the trouble tends to not be of his own doing, he does find a way to solve the problems he comes across. He usually has good intentions at heart and never falters when trying to find the right outcome to a sticky situation.

With that said, Paddy's personality is hard to pin down and varies from cartoon to cartoon (all two of them). In Piggy Bank Robbery, he seems to be a caring person though to a point that borders on a bit obssessive. He also tends to be a bit defensive, blowing up at people making accusations at him. In Two Wet Bears, he seems more inclined to help those he sees in trouble, selflessy putting himself in harms way for others.


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Kenny CrowEdit

They're friends, kinda. Kenny trusts Paddy to an extent but is capable of accusations against him.

Freddie FoxEdit

Freddy and Paddy don't see eye to eye.

Amos and Buster BearEdit

Paddy seems to know the bears well enough to help them out. Amos and Buster also know Paddy in return.

Beachcomber BillEdit

Paddy antagonizes Bill , though he doesn't see him as completely evil.

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