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The Piggy Bank

The Piggy Bank is an object featured in Piggy Bank Robbery. It is owned by Kenny Crow .


The piggy bank appears to be a typical piggy bank, being in the shape of a pig with two dark splotches. It is fairly large in size and is presumed to be of a heavy weight, judging by how much it hurt Freddie Fox when it was tossed at him, despite the fact it was empty at the time.


The piggy bank is a major object in Piggy Bank Robbery, belonging to Kenny Crow. He plans to use the savings he stores in the piggy pank to one day buy a corn field, not deeply considering much better options for storing his money. Kenny hides the piggy bankIt is the source of Freddie Fox's initiative to commit theft, to which he actually does, as well as framing Paddy for the crime. Later, the piggy bank is found to be at Freddie's house (surprise, surprise) and after being caught he throws the piggy bank out his window into the waiting arms of Kenny. In the end, Kenny gives back the now empty piggy bank along with a slight concussion.