The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican

The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican is a swell animated American television series, created in its entirety by American animation producer Sam Singer. Known for making leaps and bounds in its creation, The Adventures of Paddy the Pelican paved new way for future animators and producers.

The series stars the titicular character Paddy the Pelican ,and his advenutres involving grand theft and cannibalism, sort of. The theme song for each episode consists of some guy trying to mimic the squawking of an actual pelican.


The length of each cartoon is pretty short, being only a few minutes long. Despite this, there tends to be enough material to form an almost incomprehensible but still servicable story. The look, however, is absolutely beautiful. Despite having no color whatsoever, constantly looped animations and rambling dialouge, the show has a certain demented charm that can only be appreciated by animation buffs or severly disturbed individuals. Or both.

It is worthy of noting that the drawings themselves are not half bad, good even. Another noteworthy detail is the music. All the music (save for the opening) is provided by an organ, giving the cartoons an even more surrealistic quality to the already bizzare nature of the show.


The shown first debuted on a local children's television show in Chicago in the 1950s. At this point, the show featured Paddy, although he was portrayed as a puppet at the time. Later on, the show would bloom into the brilliance that is known and loved by all. Despite the show's genius methods of animation techniques and astounding voicework (all done by one man, mind you), there is no actual proof that this incarnation of Paddy was ever shown in syndication, even though it was scheduled to be shown on the ABC network in 1951.

In the end, this masterpiece of motion picture churned out six episodes. This makes the availability of these cartoons exceedingly rare.


As mentioned before, the episodes are as rare as the most precious gems, though in retrospect, maybe even more so. Therefore, six shorts are known.

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