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The Sea

The Sea is a large location that appeared in the episode Two Wet Bears. It is a large body of water that Beachcomber Bill's island resides in.


The Sea is a large, unamed body of water that tends to generate unsafe amounts of waves. Storm clouds tend to formate above the sea, giving it an ominious appearance in conjuction with the aforementioned waves. Despite this, not actual rain was present during their inclusion, though the dangerious waves did show their might.

A ship was also seen sailing The Sea, though little is known about it.


The Sea appears at the beginning and end of Two Wet Bears. At the beginning, Amos and Buster Bear somehow find themselves lost in the sea, trying to find a way back to land. They then spot a boat nearby to which they get on and ride the sea towards an island. It is there they find out the boat belonged to Beachcomber Bill and the boat's tether rope had rotted away, allowing it to drift into the sea. Later on, the two bears, along with the assistance of Paddy , escape the island using a makeshift raft and later found land elsewhere.

Paddy-Tan says

"When the whole world floods, fish will turn into birds."